Tutorial-01 • Wider Applications of Industry 4 and Data Management in The (post) Corona Period
Presenters: José M. Molina, Jesus Garcia, Behzad Moshiri and Navid Sadjadi

The emergence of the pandemic has caused the businesses to constrain the contact to the citizens. Upon the studies, the shutdown of the business caused the major progress in utilization of the industry 4 solutions and data management. We plan to present the different aspects of the technological solutions that will assist in the reconstruction of the business and industry in the (post) period of corona in this tutorial and other similar papers https://papermasters.org/ We would try to keep the presentation at the modest level such that no deep background will be required for the interested students, researchers and practitioners. The minimum number of participants is predicted to be about fifteen. Please check out our website Nave Sajadi for new sendings and updates.

Tutorial-02 • Ensuring Safety and Establishing Trust for AI enabled Cyber-Physical Systems
Presenters: Sandeep K.S. Gupta, Ayan Banerjee and Imane Lamrani

This tutorial aims at introducing the audience to the arising safety issues of AI-enabled cyber-physical systems (CPSs). We will provide a landscape of informal and formal approaches in ensuring AI-based CPS safety at every phase of the system’s development and defining the gaps. This tutorial also aims at emphasizing the need for operational safety of AI-based CPS.

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